Passionate CEO Mastermind

(7- week Virtual Course)

The Passionate CEO Mastermind is a 7 week online course that will elevate your business and mindset to the next level. Taught by industry leading experts in their fields, you will learn tips and techniques that are proven to take you to the next level. Learn more below.

Kim Roundtree

In my 13 years as an Entrepreneur, I've noticed 3 consistent thoughts that keep folk stuck!


“I have no idea what to do or how to start making money doing what I love”


“I can’t do this by myself”


“My goodness, this social media stuff is a lot”

My 7 week program is for anyone ready to:

1. Shift their mindset from fear to freedom
2. Discover their superpower for business
3. Make money doing what you love
4. Get out of debt by building your side hustle
5. Master marketing (FB, Google, LinkedIn)

A Mastermind course like this is valued over $500.

Course Includes:

  1. A weekly video from me
  2. Worksheets to apply the concepts
  3.  Conference call to infuse momentum
  4.  Access to my private Facebook Group
  5.  A free ticket to one of my live events

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