is a 3-phase program that puts you in the driver’s seat to starting or growing a business without confusion or inaction.


I’ve documented my entire business building journey and am now teaching you how to do it.

This program is what I’ve used to build a fulfilling business that will leave a legacy for my children, allows me to travel more and spend time with family and friends.

This 1-3 month program includes assessments, action plan, checklist, one-on-one business coaching resources and support to get you through the stages of establishing or growing your business. Here’s what you’ll do in each phase of Ready. Set. Go



  • Complete a 28-point Entrepreneurial Assessment to determine your current stage in business
  • Develop a business action plan to reach your goals in a short amount of time
  • Apply for EIN to make your business official
  • Establish your business on a Federal and State Level to make your business legal
  • Outline your Momentum Movement Plan to prepare you for the ‘Set’ phase



  • Develop or Re-Develop your business action plan to ensure we’re on track to your success
  • Outline and create 1 passive income product
  • Re-design your Momentum Movement Plan to prepare you for the ‘Go’ phase



  • VIP day (6 hours) to implement a special project
  • Implement the strategy to launch your project
  • Design your Momentum Movement Plan to keep you moving forward in your business

What is a momentum program without support? You will also receive:

  • 15-minute ‘Coach on Call’ between Coaching Sessions
  • (2) Follow-Up calls after coaching sessions have ended
  • Unlimited email support during program

Plus, get discounted access to these a-la-carte options


  • Website
  • Photoshoot
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Materials (letterhead, business card, flyer)
  • Social Media Pages
  • Video Commercial

This program has the power to take your business from stillness to bulldozer momentum


let’s get started. fill out the form below.


Week 2 – Failure

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